Rome is more than just sightseeing. Beside visits to churches, museums and archaeological parks as well as strolls down the streets and squares, the capitol of Italy offers many other attractions. The Eternal City hosts all-year-round cultural events, such as concerts (classical music, jazz, rock, pop), operas and numerous exhibitions. Beside providing intellectual stimulation, Rome is also the world of fashion and shopping. For many visitors, shopping in the city center is a must in their travel itinerary. The capitol of Italy is also famous for its exceptional local cuisine served in hundreds of atmospheric places spread all over the city. Last but not least, the Eternal City is an arena of important, often international sports events of the highest prestige. 

I would like to provide you with factual information and organizational assistance in arranging your stay in Rome. I will offer solutions and make suggestions meeting your interests, needs and dreams – not forgetting your financial capabilities. Getting to know the Eternal City can be fun for everyone, no matter how short your stay or how tight your budget. Attractive, individually customized programme and a well-designed plan will let you not only discover Rome’s secrets but also get some rest.



Rome boasts impressive tourist accommodation opportunities, offering a wide range of hotel services: from historical residences to modern facilities. What is popular beside hotels, especially for a few-day stays, is rented private apartments and boarding houses. It is worth knowing that the number of stars is not always adequate to the services provided. On request I will prepare an individually prepared accommodation offer with a number of options for you to choose from.



Eating out in Rome is more than just pleasing to your palate – it is pure entertainment. It is a must to try famous local pasta, the classics of which are bucatini all’amatriciana, spaghetti alla carbonara, pasta cacio e pepe or - a bit harder to find - rigatoni con la pajata. Among typical Roman dishes there are trippa alla romana, coda alla vaccinara or saltimbocca alla romana, which simply cannot be missed when you are in Rome. Besides, the local cuisine is famous for fish dishes (baccalà), the choice of which – served as starters, appetizers and main courses – seems unlimited. Each meal should be accompanied by excellent Italian wine; for dessert the capitol of Italy offers exquisite Italian ice cream and excellent coffee.

There is great abundance of restaurants, coffee shops and pizzerias in the Eternal City, usually connected by adjacent gardens, where you can enjoy delicious meals and desserts and at the same time admire grand architecture, watch passers-by and listen to the city’s pulse. Obviously, it is worth knowing where to go - which place guarantees great taste without draining your pocket. As in every city, the most advertised and favourably located restaurants are not necessarily the safest for your stomach and your wallet. A qualified guide, led by your culinary preferences, will prepare an offer to your liking. 


Moving around Rome may be quite an interesting adventure; however, in order to facilitate your reaching a destination in a deliberate, comfortable and attractive way, I offer help in constructing public transport routes which ensure logical and concise sightseeing. I will also help you buy public transport tickets (e.g. daily or weekly tickets or Roma Pass card) and provide you with information about taxis and private transfers.


I offer comprehensive information and help in organizing your free time. I will provide you with an interesting and exhaustive offer ensuring well-chosen entertainment adjusted to your interests.